2024 Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom in 2024? Bathrooms are one of the crucial spaces at home as they serve hygiene functions. It is also a place to prepare for the day or unwind after an eventful day. Creating a room you want to spend time on makes sense, and we are here to share our Phoenix bathroom remodel ideas.

From picking the design to choosing the materials, style, and color, bathroom remodeling can be frustrating. Whether you plan to make drastic changes or minor updates to your bathroom, these remodel ideas helped us make informed decisions.

Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas For The New Year

Are you ready to transform your Phoenix bathroom? Here are trending remodel ideas for your next bathroom upgrade. Do you need budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas? Creating your perfect bathroom space can be possible with a tight budget.

Install a Smart Bathroom

Tech is becoming essential in every space of our homes, including the bathroom. Bringing tech into your bathroom design and style makes it efficient, comfortable, and convenient. 

For instance, you can upgrade to a smart toilet. This innovative plumbing feature can automate toilet seat and lid opening and closing so you don’t have to touch anything.

Also, it can instantly preheat the toilet seat, so no more cold toilet seating. What about automated toilet flushing? It is efficient and precise!

2024 Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Add an interactive LED mirror. It can integrate with your other home devices and has built-in displays like weather updates, reminders, news updates, etc. A smart privacy glass can let you control the lighting that passes through it.

Make your shower water and energy efficient with an intelligent shower system. This feature lets you control the water temperature, flow rate, and shower duration.

Do you want to wash your hands like royalty? Smart faucets let you do just that. They have smart control features and sensors to control the water temperature and flow. 

Take it a notch higher and set a complete relaxation stage with a smart bathtub. It has intelligent temperature controls, self-cleaning tech, built-in Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy lighting, hydrotherapy jets, and a digital control panel.

Go for Timeless Flooring

Are you looking for trending and timeless bathroom flooring? Picking your floor’s color, style, and layout can take time and effort.

You want stylish, luxurious, and comfortable floors, and installing heated ones can offer just that. It heats your room, so you don’t have to jump from a warm bath or shower into the cold floor—especially in the morning. App-controlled heating allows you to set the temperature of your bathroom floors just right.

Use a natural stone tile for natural beauty vibes. Also, they infuse your bathroom with richness and warmth. 

Consider Statement Lighting Fixtures

Another perfect idea for your 2024 bathroom remodel is updating the lighting. The best lighting fixture offers more than brightening the room; it creates a restful and relaxed atmosphere for you to unwind or set yourself up for the day.

Illuminate your vanity area with stylish sconces or vertical fixtures, making your ritual grooming process fun. Go for recessed lighting for your shower if you want a minimalist design. Statement chandeliers work best for high bathroom ceilings.

Add Floating Vanities and Open Shelving

Are floating vanities a great idea? Yes, it creates a space for more storage ideas, which is excellent for small bathrooms. Aesthetically, a floating vanity also creates a sleek, modern look. Your floor will now stretch wall to wall, creating an impression of a bigger space. 

Open shelving is another trending bathroom style you can incorporate. Bathroom organization is crucial; you can create a focal point with an open shelving. This bathroom storage style makes finding and accessing the grooming items easy.

Improve the Bathroom Walls with Bold Color Schemes

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom is painting. Whether you love the playful pink, jungle green, or snow white color, bold colors can refresh your Phoenix bathroom. 

Add Modern Art

What better way to customize your bathroom than by adding personalized art pieces? Your bathroom is more than a functional space; it is a place to relax, and art can elevate your mood. 

Water, steam, and moisture are huge concerns when installing wall art; the bathroom is the least of places to find art pieces. However, adding art to your bathroom is possible in 2024. Put up a pictorial wallpaper for a smaller bathroom space or powder room. 

A mural is another trending alternative you can add to your bathroom. Don’t have a window for a nice view? A nature-inspired mural can give you a perfect view.

Opt for Plaster Shower Walls

Are you tired of cleaning the grout lines in the bathroom? The newest bathroom trend is replacing tiled shower walls with plaster. Polished plaster is easy to clean, mildew, and mold-resistant. Additionally, the cost of materials and maintenance is low. 

Go for A Monochrome Design

Too many colors in your bathroom can throw your head into a spiral. Also, picking the right color combinations can take a lot of work. Throw all that out of the window with a monochrome bathroom design. 

If you love bold colors, then it is time for you to shine. The monochrome design is edgy and modern, setting a minimalist atmosphere in your bathroom. Go for a dark color with high-shine tiles or bright colors and play with the lighting.

Create a Double Vanity.

Two vanities are better than one—literally. If you love getting ready with your loved ones, then a double vanity offers enough space. Plus, it is the best upgrade if you prefer a “his and hers” sink setup. 

A double vanity also creates more storage space. Additionally, it can make multi-tasking easy thanks to more counter space.

Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Dos

Creating a budget and a clear project plan will set you up for a successful bathroom renovation. The bathroom design, cost of materials, and your location can influence the overall cost. The average price of a bath upgrade is $11,533 and can range between $6,624 and $16,922. Consider consulting a professional to get realistic figures. 

Interview two to three bathroom remodeling experts to find the best in the market. The best approach is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Consider the past reviews and experiences when hiring an expert. 

Notably, plan for debris disposal. Bathroom renovation, big or small, can create tons of garbage. Book your trash container beforehand so you have a place to throw all the debris. Team Clean and Haul is here when you need a residential dumpster in Phoenix.

We offer 40, 30, 20, and 15-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters ideal for small- and large-scale renovation projects. Our customer support is happy to help you pick the right size for your Phoenix bathroom renovation job. 

Create A Timeless Bathroom in 2024

Your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to create a masterpiece that improves functionality and style and adds value to your property. Considering the above considerations, we hope you can create your dream bathroom.