2024 Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom in 2024? Bathrooms are one of the crucial spaces at home as they serve hygiene functions. It is also a place to prepare for the day or unwind after an eventful day. Creating a room you want to spend time on makes sense, and we are here to share our Phoenix bathroom remodel ideas.

From picking the design to choosing the materials, style, and color, bathroom remodeling can be frustrating. Whether you plan to make drastic changes or minor updates to your bathroom, these remodel ideas helped us make informed decisions.

Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas For The New Year

Are you ready to transform your Phoenix bathroom? Here are trending remodel ideas for your next bathroom upgrade. Do you need budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas? Creating your perfect bathroom space can be possible with a tight budget.

Install a Smart Bathroom

Tech is becoming essential in every space of our homes, including the bathroom. Bringing tech into your bathroom design and style makes it efficient, comfortable, and convenient. 

For instance, you can upgrade to a smart toilet. This innovative plumbing feature can automate toilet seat and lid opening and closing so you don’t have to touch anything.

Also, it can instantly preheat the toilet seat, so no more cold toilet seating. What about automated toilet flushing? It is efficient and precise!

2024 Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Add an interactive LED mirror. It can integrate with your other home devices and has built-in displays like weather updates, reminders, news updates, etc. A smart privacy glass can let you control the lighting that passes through it.

Make your shower water and energy efficient with an intelligent shower system. This feature lets you control the water temperature, flow rate, and shower duration.

Do you want to wash your hands like royalty? Smart faucets let you do just that. They have smart control features and sensors to control the water temperature and flow. 

Take it a notch higher and set a complete relaxation stage with a smart bathtub. It has intelligent temperature controls, self-cleaning tech, built-in Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy lighting, hydrotherapy jets, and a digital control panel.

Go for Timeless Flooring

Are you looking for trending and timeless bathroom flooring? Picking your floor’s color, style, and layout can take time and effort.

You want stylish, luxurious, and comfortable floors, and installing heated ones can offer just that. It heats your room, so you don’t have to jump from a warm bath or shower into the cold floor—especially in the morning. App-controlled heating allows you to set the temperature of your bathroom floors just right.

Use a natural stone tile for natural beauty vibes. Also, they infuse your bathroom with richness and warmth. 

Consider Statement Lighting Fixtures

Another perfect idea for your 2024 bathroom remodel is updating the lighting. The best lighting fixture offers more than brightening the room; it creates a restful and relaxed atmosphere for you to unwind or set yourself up for the day.

Illuminate your vanity area with stylish sconces or vertical fixtures, making your ritual grooming process fun. Go for recessed lighting for your shower if you want a minimalist design. Statement chandeliers work best for high bathroom ceilings.

Add Floating Vanities and Open Shelving

Are floating vanities a great idea? Yes, it creates a space for more storage ideas, which is excellent for small bathrooms. Aesthetically, a floating vanity also creates a sleek, modern look. Your floor will now stretch wall to wall, creating an impression of a bigger space. 

Open shelving is another trending bathroom style you can incorporate. Bathroom organization is crucial; you can create a focal point with an open shelving. This bathroom storage style makes finding and accessing the grooming items easy.

Improve the Bathroom Walls with Bold Color Schemes

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom is painting. Whether you love the playful pink, jungle green, or snow white color, bold colors can refresh your Phoenix bathroom. 

Add Modern Art

What better way to customize your bathroom than by adding personalized art pieces? Your bathroom is more than a functional space; it is a place to relax, and art can elevate your mood. 

Water, steam, and moisture are huge concerns when installing wall art; the bathroom is the least of places to find art pieces. However, adding art to your bathroom is possible in 2024. Put up a pictorial wallpaper for a smaller bathroom space or powder room. 

A mural is another trending alternative you can add to your bathroom. Don’t have a window for a nice view? A nature-inspired mural can give you a perfect view.

Opt for Plaster Shower Walls

Are you tired of cleaning the grout lines in the bathroom? The newest bathroom trend is replacing tiled shower walls with plaster. Polished plaster is easy to clean, mildew, and mold-resistant. Additionally, the cost of materials and maintenance is low. 

Go for A Monochrome Design

Too many colors in your bathroom can throw your head into a spiral. Also, picking the right color combinations can take a lot of work. Throw all that out of the window with a monochrome bathroom design. 

If you love bold colors, then it is time for you to shine. The monochrome design is edgy and modern, setting a minimalist atmosphere in your bathroom. Go for a dark color with high-shine tiles or bright colors and play with the lighting.

Create a Double Vanity.

Two vanities are better than one—literally. If you love getting ready with your loved ones, then a double vanity offers enough space. Plus, it is the best upgrade if you prefer a “his and hers” sink setup. 

A double vanity also creates more storage space. Additionally, it can make multi-tasking easy thanks to more counter space.

Phoenix Bathroom Remodel Dos

Creating a budget and a clear project plan will set you up for a successful bathroom renovation. The bathroom design, cost of materials, and your location can influence the overall cost. The average price of a bath upgrade is $11,533 and can range between $6,624 and $16,922. Consider consulting a professional to get realistic figures. 

Interview two to three bathroom remodeling experts to find the best in the market. The best approach is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Consider the past reviews and experiences when hiring an expert. 

Notably, plan for debris disposal. Bathroom renovation, big or small, can create tons of garbage. Book your trash container beforehand so you have a place to throw all the debris. Team Clean and Haul is here when you need a residential dumpster in Phoenix.

We offer 40, 30, 20, and 15-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters ideal for small- and large-scale renovation projects. Our customer support is happy to help you pick the right size for your Phoenix bathroom renovation job. 

Create A Timeless Bathroom in 2024

Your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to create a masterpiece that improves functionality and style and adds value to your property. Considering the above considerations, we hope you can create your dream bathroom.

Guide to Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

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What Do I Need to Know Before Remodeling My Kitchen?

Gone are the days when you wanted the kitchen hidden behind closed doors. Houses built in the last century were enclosed, cramped spaces. The colors were an interesting mix of dark woods and pastel-colored tiles. Needless to say, kitchen designers of the past had interesting ideas of how a kitchen should look that did not age well.

Luckily, the next generation is excited to take on the challenge of remodeling old kitchen spaces into the focus feature of the house. A kitchen upgrade can breathe new life into this crucial space. However, kitchen renovation can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide to kitchen remodeling aims to simplify the process and help you smoothly navigate it. 

Define Your Goals and Budget

Guide to Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

Before diving into the remodeling process, defining your goals is essential. What do you want to achieve with your new kitchen? Are you looking to increase storage space, enhance functionality, or give the space a fresh look? 

Remember, Scottsdale’s unique lifestyle and climate can influence your choices, so ensure your remodel aligns with your needs and the local environment.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, establish a realistic budget. A detailed budget will guide the entire project, helping you make informed decisions about materials, appliances, and labor.

 Be prepared for some surprises! You may have planned your remodeling costs down to the nail, but allow yourself some wiggle room. The one thing you can always count on for a remodel is issues you hadn’t planned on. Put some money in an emergency fund for when problems arise.

Create a Functional Layout

Efficient kitchen design is crucial for a successful remodeling project. Assess your current layout and identify areas that you need to renovate.


Be prepared for some surprises!

Aim for a layout that minimizes unnecessary movements and enhances workflow. 

Professional kitchen designers can provide valuable insights into optimizing space and functionality. If you’re going the DIY route, don’t go overboard with changing your layout. Make smart choices. Sometimes, a simple paint job can do wonders in creating a new space.

guide to kitchen remodeling in scottsdale

Prepare Your Kitchen for Renovation

Kitchen demos and preparation are crucial steps in your kitchen renovation. You might have to knock down walls, cabinets, and the island for more kitchen space.

Tear down those old cabinets, rip out the dated flooring, remove the old backsplash, and knock down the island. Demolition can be back-breaking, and we recommend getting help when necessary. 

Furthermore, demo debris can be overwhelming. Team Clean and Haul is your number-one partner for demolition waste disposal in Scottsdale. We offer roll-off dumpster rental and junk removal services. 

Having a designated spot to accommodate all the demolition waste helps keep your work site organized and safe during renovation. 

Select Quality Materials

Choosing suitable materials is vital for a kitchen that stands the test of time. Custom cabinets, countertops, the type of flooring, and appliances should align with your aesthetic preferences and be durable and easy to maintain. 

Hardwood and ceramic tile flooring, granite or quartz countertops, and high-quality cabinetry are popular choices. Investing in quality materials upfront can save you money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Upgrade Appliances for Efficiency

Enhances the overall look and reduces utility costs.

Modernizing your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances enhances the overall look and reduces utility costs. Look for the ENERGY STAR labeled appliances, indicating they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Consider your kitchen’s layout, square footage, and flow when selecting appliances to ensure they fit seamlessly into the design. 

Illuminate Your Space

A well-lit kitchen is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Consider ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a balanced, inviting atmosphere. Pendant lights over the kitchen island, under-cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting in critical areas can significantly enhance visibility and add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. 

Consider using natural light for your kitchen by putting in large windows or even a skylight if you feel ambitious. Utilizing natural light gives your space a warm and inviting feel while also saving you money in the long run.

Maximize Storage Solutions

Ample storage is essential for an organized and clutter-free kitchen. Explore creative storage solutions such as pull-out shelves, deep drawers, and pantry organizers to make the most of every inch of space. 

Consider custom cabinetry to tailor storage options to your specific needs. Vertical space with tall cabinets and open shelving can also contribute to an efficient storage strategy.

Choose a Timeless Design

While trends come and go, a timeless design ensures your dream kitchen remains stylish for years. Neutral color palettes, classic hardware, and simple yet elegant finishes create a timeless aesthetic. 

If you want to add a touch of personality, consider incorporating trendy elements through quickly replaceable items like accessories or lighting fixtures. Choose a vibrant backsplash tile, or paint your cabinets a vibrant yellow or soft blue. Let your personality shine through your design so you’ll be happy with your home renovation for years to come.

Hire Reliable Professionals

Executing a kitchen remodel involves various tasks, from demolition to plumbing and electrical work. Hiring reliable general contractors ensures the project runs smoothly and meets local building codes. 

Seek recommendations, check credentials, and obtain multiple quotes before selecting contractors. Communication is vital, so maintain an open dialogue with your chosen professionals throughout the process. 

If you’re doing the remodel on your own, don’t be afraid to seek professionals to ask questions. Look at popular forums or even YouTube tutorials to make sure your installation is being done correctly.

The Clean-Up Phase

Kitchen remodeling debris can quickly get out of control. Plan for your waste disposal to avoid going down the grueling waste-hauling process. With our timely dumpster services, you can expect us to drop off the dumpster just before you start renovating. 

We provide the 15, 20, 30, and 40-cubic yard containers for residential remodeling jobs in the Scottsdale area. Whether embarking on a full-scale kitchen upgrade or minor improvements, you can trust us for the ideal dumpster size.

The 15-cubic yard is perfect for heavy rubble like concrete, bricks, and tiles. Our 20 and 30-cubic yard bins are best for medium and large-scale junk removal jobs.

Finally, the 40-yard dumpster is ideal for large construction and demolition works.

Easy Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

Embarking on a kitchen remodeling journey can be both exciting and challenging. Define your goals and determine what layout you want your kitchen to be. What can you change easily? What’s a must-have? By determining the kitchen you want, you can begin to account for costs and aesthetics.

At the same time, make sure you are keeping your budget in mind. When choosing your layout and appliances, stay within your financial means. I know you have a dream kitchen in your head, but to stay within your budget, mentally prepare yourself to make compromises. Choose cost-effective building materials and save money by renovating yourself rather than paying for labor. Don’t forget to give yourself some wiggle room for any unplanned expenses. 

Once you have a plan and budget, it’s time to start selecting the materials and finishes for your new kitchen. From countertops and cabinets to flooring and lighting, there are countless options. Consider the overall style and aesthetic you want, whether modern and sleek or rustic and cozy. Don’t forget to consider the durability and functionality of each material, as you want your kitchen to withstand the test of time.

During the remodeling process, working with a reputable contractor who can bring your vision to life is essential. They will handle the demolition, installation, and coordination of all the necessary tradespeople. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that the project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard.

As your kitchen remodel progresses, don’t forget to care for yourself and your family. Living without a functional kitchen can be challenging, so consider setting up a temporary cooking and dining area. This could be as simple as a microwave and mini-fridge in another room or utilizing outdoor cooking options. By planning, you can minimize the disruption to your daily routine.

In conclusion, easy kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale is possible with careful planning, a defined budget, and the right team of professionals. By taking the time to consider your needs, set a budget, and select the right materials, you can create a kitchen that meets your functional requirements and reflects your style. 

So, why wait? Start your kitchen remodeling journey today and transform your old kitchen into the space of your dreams.

2023 Scottsdale Recycling Tips

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As the world becomes more mindful of the environmental impact of our actions, recycling is becoming increasingly important. Scottsdale, Arizona, is no exception. With a population of over 250,000, the city has a significant waste output that must be managed responsibly. Keep reading this article to get some Scottsdale recycling tips in 2023.

How do you recycle in Scottsdale, Arizona? 2023 Scottsdale recycling tips

Recycling items in Scottsdale is pretty straightforward. However, not knowing how to dump your recycling can create more waste. Teaching yourself how to recycle is crucial to creating a zero-waste environment.  

Know what can be recycled.

One of the most critical steps in effective recycling is knowing what materials can be recycled. In Scottsdale, residents can recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles and containers marked with the recycling symbol. 

However, not all plastic is created equal, and some are non-recyclable. Check the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol and the number inside it. Only plastics labeled with numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 are recyclable in Scottsdale. It is also essential to rinse and clean all items before putting them in the recycling bin.

Separate your recycling

It is essential to separate your recycling before placing it in the bin. Paper and cardboard should be separate from glass, metal, and plastic. Separating the materials makes it easier for the recycling center to process them and ensure that everything gets recycled properly. If your recycling bin is overflowing, take your excess items to a local recycling center or wait until your next pickup day.

Clean and dry your recyclable bottles and jars

Cleaning your bottles and jars is crucial, especially if you use single-stream/commingled recycling. Dumpness and grease can render your recyclable items waste and could end up in landfills instead of recycling.

Soggy recyclables can contaminate the good recyclable batch and damage the recycling equipment. How clean should your recyclables be? Your recyclable bottles and jars don’t need to be squeaky clean. A good rinse to remove all the contents inside is enough. So go ahead and run a little water, let them dry, and toss them in the recycling bin.  

Reuse and reduce

Recycling is vital to waste management, but reducing and reusing are equally important. Consider ways to reduce the amount of waste you generate. For example, bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, purchase products with less packaging, and avoid single-use items like water bottles, disposable plates, and cutlery. When you generate waste, look for ways to reuse items before recycling them. For example, use glass jars as storage containers or repurpose cardboard boxes as organizers.

Use a local recycling center.

While curbside recycling is convenient, there are other options. In Scottsdale, residents can also use local recycling centers to dispose of items that cannot be placed in the curbside bin, such as electronics and hazardous materials. Many centers also accept items like clothing and furniture that can be reused or repurposed. Consider donating items in good condition to a local charity or thrift store.

Educate yourself and your community.

Educating yourself and your community about recycling is one of the most effective ideas to promote responsible waste management. Consider attending local events and workshops that focus on recycling and waste reduction. Share your knowledge with friends and family and encourage them to take action to reduce their waste output. Consider starting a recycling program at your workplace or school to promote responsible waste management on a larger scale.

Know the recycling day.

Did you know you can have trash and recycling on your curbside? You can create a pickup day for recycling, waste, or both. Mark your collection days and ensure you take out your recycling for collection.

What happens to your Scottsdale recycling?

Your recycling items go through different stages at the material recovery facility. First, the facility workers sift through the recycling trash to eliminate non-recyclables and contaminants. 

After that, the debris goes into the conveyor belt, which picks up various items at different stages. For instance, the vibrating machine will separate cardboard and paper.

Further along the conveyor belt, magnets pick up aluminum cans. Eddy currents will pick up the aluminum cans; the next item in the line is plastic. The recycling center uses optical scanners to eliminate plastic from the line.

Glass is the conveyor’s remaining item and drops into a collection container. Each recycled material will be taken to respective manufacturers to produce new things. Look for a recycled item every time you go to the store, and you’ll e supporting the sector.

Why is recycling in Scottsdale crucial?

Need more Scottsdale recycling tips? There is no better way to save our non-renewable resources than recycling, ensuring we protect our virgin materials and the environment for future generations. 

Recycling can also boost our economy by creating jobs. Plus, using recycled raw materials consumes 95% less energy than processing organic materials,

Recycling is an essential part of responsible waste management, and Scottsdale residents will have many options for recycling in 2023. 

Team Clean and Haul is at your service when you need a Scottsdale hauler. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll provide the right services.

Decluttering Tips in Phoenix

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As the year rolls on, it’s common to start thinking about goals for the remainder of the year. One popular plan is to declutter and organize your living space. Decluttering not only helps to create a cleaner, more organized home, but it can also improve mental clarity and reduce stress. Here are some tips to help kickstart the second half of the year decluttering efforts.

Top Phoenix Decluttering Tips

What Are the Benefits of Removing Clutter?

Decluttering is essential for your all round well-being, and it is a form of self-care that can improve your confidence, mental health, and productivity. 

Decluttering can also improve and strengthen your relationships with friends and family. You’ll feel more confident inviting people to your place and won’t have to fight with family over unpicked clutter. 

Removing clutter is the perfect time to remove hazardous garbage, making your home safe. Importantly, it can help you relieve anxiety and clear your mind for maximum productivity. It is okay if you are stuck in a tiny space due to junk; you can take charge of your room. Team Clean and Haul can help you  

Start Small

Decluttering can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of possessions. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the idea of decluttering your entire home, start small. Choose one room or one section of a room to focus on first. Once you’ve successfully decluttered that area, move on to the next. It’s that simple! Enjoy and celebrate small milestones like purging the bathroom cabinets. 

Make a Plan

Before you start decluttering, make a plan for how you’re going to tackle the task. Set a timeline for completing the entire project, and create a checklist of each area you want to declutter. Having a plan will help you stay organized and on track.

Planning how to move the junk to the right disposal site is also crucial. Do you need help hauling home junk? Team Clean and Haul is the leader when you need junk removal services, and planning ensures you get the right services on time. 

Use the Four-Box Decluttering Method

Decluttering can be labor-intensive, and giving up on the project is easy. Create fun and simplify the decluttering process using a strategic sorting method. The four-box way is a popular decluttering technique. Label four boxes “Keep,” “Donate,” “Sell,” and “Trash.” As you review your household items, place each item into one of the four boxes. This method helps you quickly decide what to keep and get rid of. Creating sections for your stuff can help you overcome the guilt of saving something for reasons like it being a gift. 

Declutter Before You Organize

It’s essential to declutter before you start organizing. If you organize first, you’re just rearranging clutter. By decluttering first, you can get rid of the things you no longer need, making it easier to manage the things you do need. Creating space for valuable items will be easier after purging and removing junk. 

Donate or Sell Items

As you go through clutter, consider donating or selling items still in good condition. Many organizations accept donations of clothing, furniture, and household items. You can also sell things online through websites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Digitize Your Photos and Documents

If you have boxes of old photos or documents, consider digitizing them. You can scan and store old photos and documents on your computer or the cloud, and this not only saves space in your home but also helps preserve these items for future generations.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Do you really need three sets of measuring cups or a slow cooker, an instant pot, and a rice cooker? Probably not. As you declutter, eliminate duplicates and keep only the items you use. Sift through stuff, find items that serve the same purpose, and decide if it is worth saving. 

Be Ruthless

Another point considered one of the best decluttering tips: be aggressive. Getting rid of our stuff can sometimes be a struggle. Decluttering can be difficult if you’re attached to your possessions. However, it’s important to be ruthless when deciding what to keep and get rid of. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past year, if it has sentimental value, or if it’s something you can easily replace. Let go of home items you haven’t used in a year or more. 

Tackle One Category at a Time

Instead of decluttering room by room, consider tackling one category at a time. For example, start with your clothing, then move on to books, and then kitchen items. This method allows you to see all the items in a particular category and determine what to keep and eliminate.

Final Decluttering Tips: Use Storage Solutions

Once you’ve successfully decluttered, it’s time to organize the items you’re keeping. Use storage solutions like baskets, bins, and shelving to keep things organized. Ensure everything has a designated place, and keep similar items together.

In conclusion, decluttering is a great way to start your new year off to a running start. Following these tips can create a more organized and stress-free living space. Remember to start small, make progress, and reclaim your home. 

Renting a Dumpster for Junk

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How do you get rid of excess garbage? Dumpster services are a straightforward way to handle junk disposal. Whether moving out on short notice, downsizing, or hopping on spring cleaning, renting a dumpster for junk is an excellent strategy. Unlike renting or borrowing a truck and hauling trash to the dump, your dumpster rental will provide the means to remove the debris. Plus, a dumpster allows you to work around your convenience, and you can rent for as long as you need it. So, what is the right dumpster for junk, and how do you get one? We know you have questions about renting dumpsters for garbage, and we’ve got answers. Whether you’ve got a single room or an entire house to clean up, Team Clean and Haul are here to serve you.

Why Rent a Dumpster for Junk?

Junk can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and labor-intensive to clean out. A dumpster service makes it a breeze to clean out the attic, basement, garage, closets, and storage or declutter an estate. 

One of the benefits of renting a dumpster to remove junk is you’re in control of the things you want to dispose of. There are many reasons why we have stuff piled up in our hours. It can be a Christmas gift given to you five years ago. Perhaps you’re a new empty nester with your kids’ stuff they no longer need. Furthermore, they can be items belonging to a deceased family member. Ridding our homes of junk can be emotional, and it can take a while to sort through everything. Dumpster services offer you ample time to determine whether to dispose of, sell, or recycle an item. Call Team Clean and Haul to rent the right junk bin and declutter your way!

Another benefit of hiring a roll-off dumpster is that it is cost-effective. Get expert advice if it is your first time using a dumpster, and get the right-size junk bin. The correct dumpster size can hold as much as you need to remove. Plus, we charge a flat fee, which means you can save big time instead of paying per item. 

Additionally, renting a container for junk lets you declutter every nook and cranny. You have the time to edit through everything, leaving no hidden items. What’s more, you have the flexibility to work around your schedule. Whether you want to declutter on the weekend, mid-week, or holidays, you can create a timeline that works for you. The dumpster can sit on your property for the rental duration, and you might find more stuff to eliminate. 

How much does a dumpster for junk cost? It depends on the container size, use duration, location, and the type of junk you need to haul. Thankfully, we offer competitively low rates for junk dumpsters. Our customer-oriented sales rep can help with a personalized estimate that matches your needs. Contact our office or send us a quick email. 

How to Rent A Dumpster to Clean Out Junk

First, understand your decluttering project scope. What household goods do you want to dispose of? Once you estimate the scope of the job, you can choose the ideal dumpster size. We have many options to ensure our customers get the dumpster they need. Do you need a team to handle all the trash from start to finish? We’re the go-to dumpster company for turn-key and wallet-friendly junk collection services.

Whether cleaning out a home office or a multi-family property, we have enough dumpster inventory. We accommodate big and small projects and execute them in a timely fashion. Experience best-in-class services even when getting rid of junk. Contact Team Clean and Haul today! 

Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Phoenix

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Do you need a dumpster in Phoenix but are torn on which size to order? Picking a dumpster size can be tricky, especially if it is your first time and many options exist. The roll-off container size is in cubic yards, indicating the amount of waste it can accommodate. For example, a 40-cubic yard dumpster holds up to forty cubic yards of debris, and anything above this volume is in excess and might cost you. Knowing the various dumpster sizes, weights/volume limits, and dimensions can help you rent the right dumpster size. At Team Clean and Haul, we make it seamless to choose the ideal dumpster for residential, commercial, or construction projects. This article is a comprehensive guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix.

How Do I Figure Out the Size Dumpster I Need?

Figuring out the perfect dumpster size for your job site revolves around the size of your debris, material type, and the available placement area. The project scope can help estimate how much waste you’ll produce. For instance, a 15-cubic yard bin is ideal if working on a single-room renovation, landscaping, or bathroom demolition. Bigger roll-off dumpsters are best when tackling extensive construction or decluttering projects. 

The waste material type can also help determine the correct size container for your project. Some debris can be light, while others are heavy, so you need to get a dumpster fit for specific material types to avoid overfilling or overloading it. Team Clean and Haul provide dumpsters for dense construction and demolition material and lighter house junk and landscaping waste. 

Lastly, the placement area on your work site can also dictate the dumpster size you need. Create a space at least 60 feet long, eleven feet wide, and free from obstacles to place the roll-off container. If you don’t have enough placement area, you might want to look into other options, such as using the public street with HOAs and the local authority’s permission. 

Your Essential Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Phoenix

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix, look no further than Team Clean and Haul. We offer containers in four various sizes. Our dumpsters work best for residential cleanout jobs, renovations, roofing, landscaping, construction, and demolition jobs. Whatever container size you need, big or small, for your Phoenix home project, you can trust us.

40-Yard Dumpster

This is the biggest roll-off container we supply, measuring 14’ by 8’ by 5.5’. It can hold up to 12k lbs of debris, equal to six to eight tons of construction garbage. It is the best container to rent for big projects like a new construction job, commercial roof replacement, complete home remodeling, commercial office cleanout, or large demolition waste disposal. 

30-Yard Dumpster

The second-biggest dumpster container that we offer is the 30-yard dumpster. It measures 22’L, 8’W, and 6’H! This dumpster size can haul over eight thousand pounds of debris or four to five tons of trash. What can fit in a 30-YD dumpster? This container size is an excellent solution for garage demo waste, new home construction waste, home addition, or siding projects. 

20-Yard Dumpster

The medium-size dumpster you can get in Phoenix is the 20-cubic yards container. This roll-off bin is 22’long, 8’ high and 4’ wide and can take over 6k lbs of debris. What can fit in this 20-cubic yarder? It is a handy tool that can take over 2,500 sq feet of roofing waste, deck debris, carpet removal, garage, attic, and basement cleanout junk.

15-Yard Dumpster

Lastly, we have the smallest dumpster for rent measuring 14’long, 8’ high, and 5.5’ wide. It is the ideal solution you need to tackle heavy construction debris. This roll-away bin can take up to 15 cubic yards of waste and is perfect for renovations, yard work, roofing, and demolition jobs. 

Scottsdale Garage Organizing Tips

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How can you organize your garage? Do you want to create more garage space for your vehicles? You put thousands of dollars into buying your car; leaving it at the mercy of the scorching sun isn’t fair. Garage organizing is a surefire way to keep it clutter-free and maintain a space for your vehicle. However, organizing a garage doesn’t come easy. It takes hours, if not days, money and energy to clean out garage junk and organize it into a breathable space. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable. You can declutter, clean, and organize your garage to your liking. Furthermore, organizing your garage can help create space you can use for other activities like knotting, woodworking, a craft room, or a little home office. Read more on our top garage organizing tips!

Top Garage Organizing Tips:

How To Organize A Garage Quickly? 

Are you in Scottsdale and need to declutter and organize your garage quickly? You’re in the right place! Cleaning and organizing a garage can be easier when you know where to start and how to accomplish your goals. Many things go on in a garage, including using it as a workshop and storage. And this means you might have many things to do in that room. 

Start with A Plan and Budget

Your garage is messy. Where do you start? Planning is the first step, and you need to create reliable cleaning and organization solutions. You’ll need a place to discard all unwanted junk, cleaning supplies, remodeling materials, and essentials to organize your garage. Take an inventory of everything in the garage; this will help you understand the number of items to deal with. It can also help in planning for the right junk dumpster. 

Additionally, you need to create a budget. This is crucial, especially if dealing with years’ worth of clutter in the garage. Home Advisor averages the cost of organizing a garage to be $1,390—materials and project scope can influence your garage organization budget.  

Declutter and Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Once you have a plan, it is important to purge and dispose of unwanted items. More often than not, a considerable percentage of stuff in the garage is useless. There can be too much stuff to eliminate, from old patio furniture, tires, sporting equipment, and toys to broken tools and appliances. Clear the clutter on the floor and give it a nice sweep, getting rid of nails and other small items. 

A junk dumpster makes it simple to eliminate garage trash, and team Clean and Haul can organize and bring one for you. Plus, we handle garage junk hauling in Scottsdale, so you can be confident of having a reliable team to collect the debris. 

Repair and Update the Garage

It is wise to fix cracked walls, floors, and leaky roofs before putting items back into the garage. Check the garage door and repair it if it’s beaten up. This can help you curb damages and eliminate mold and mild dew. Additionally, upgrading your garage helps create a foundation for new finishes and aesthetics. Painting is easier and comes out smooth when there are no cracks. 

Finish Cleaning and Put Items in Storage

You can spin your chaotic garage into the tidiest part of your home. Proper storage is crucial if you want to maintain the garage, ensuring it is clutter-free. Divide the storage space into sections like a department store. Creating zones makes it easier to locate stuff when you need it. Capitalize on shelves, bins, cabinets, and peg boards. Don’t forget to label your containers and boxes, so you don’t have to flip everything when you need something and create a mess. Use as much vertical and wall space for storage as possible to create breathable floor space. 

Do I Need a Permit to Rent a Dumpster in Phoenix

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Renting a roll-off dumpster is a must if you have tons of junk or construction and demolition waste to dispose of in Phoenix. Team Clean and Haul have the best dumpster solutions to accommodate residential or commercial jobs. When scheduling a residential or construction roll-away, there are crucial things to consider. You must understand the pricing, available dumpster sizes, scheduling, disposal fees, and acceptable items. However, one thing can easily skip your mind, yet it is just as important.

A dumpster permit is a crucial thing to tackle first before scheduling a dumpster delivery. So what is a dumpster rental permit, and how can you get it in Phoenix?

What is A Dumpster Permit?

A dumpster permit is a document from the local authority showing that you have permission to place your roll-off dumpster in a public spot. You don’t need a dumpster whenever you rent a dumpster unless you want to use the street or any other public place. City officials can stop your project if you place a container on the street or sidewalk without permits. The dumpster permit ensures that local authorities or Homeowners Association knows how long you’ll occupy the public space. Dealing with fines for breaking the local codes and ordinances is the last thing you need when working on a project.

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster in Phoenix

Do You Need A Permit to Rent A Dumpster in Phoenix?

Dumpster permit requirements are different in each city. The City of Phoenix may not require you to pull a dumpster permit to use the sidewalk or any public space. However, you should consider checking with your HOA to see if you need a permit to rent a dumpster in Phoenix. HOA might need you to get a permit to rent a dumpster and place it on your driveway or the alleyway. Contact your Homeowners Association beforehand to get all the information on how you can request the permit. 

It is your obligation to apply for a dumpster permit, and if necessary, you can complete this process at least a week before scheduling your roll-off dumpster. 

What Next After You Get A Permit to Rent A Dumpster in Phoenix?

If you are planning to use the street and have the right of way from your HOA, you can reach out to us here at Team Clean and Haul. We’re excited to help you select your residential or commercial roll-off container. Whether you need a dumpster fit for a bath renovation or a bigger dumpster for construction sites, we offer 15, 20, 30, and 40-cubic yard dumpsters. We have expert dumpster consultants to help you select a roll-off container for your project.

We are here to support your endeavor every step of the way, whether dealing with household junk, demolition debris, or yard waste. Customize your delivery schedule and get your dumpster delivered to anywhere in Phoenix. 

How to Prepare for Dumpster Delivery?

Once you request your dumpster, it is time to prepare for drop-off. You need enough space on your job site for us to roll away and pick up the dumpster without issues. Eliminating distractions ensures you complete your job in a timely fashion. Plus, the last thing you want to incur is dry run dumpster fees. 

Find a sturdy ground to place the container; if necessary, you can consider using boards to cushion your property. Check if HOA has dumpster rental requirements for your neighborhood to avoid any inconvenience. 

Importantly, be sure of the things you can toss in construction or junk trash bin. Our dumpsters are versatile and can be used for various home, construction, or demolition projects. We accept many disposal jobs, from home garbage to demolition debris and construction trash. 

Preparing for Monsoon Weather in Glendale

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Glendale’s monsoon season is here, so it is time to prepare for the rain. While this mother nature is a relief from the unforgiving summer heat, severe storms can be a nightmare. With winds moving at over 80 mph, monsoon weather can damage your property, bring down trees and make roads impassable.  Preparing for monsoon weather in Glendale can help you thwart potential property damage and accidents. This article is a checklist of how you can be monsoon weather-ready.

How to prepare for monsoon weather in Glendale?

The 2022 monsoon weather prediction shows you can expect an active wet weather season. Technically, you’ll see normal weather changes, with some months experiencing more rain. Below are the best ways to prepare for this kind of weather.

Waterproof your home

Dealing with wind storms and flash floods can be depressing, and sadly that’s out of your control. But, you can take charge of your home by waterproofing it. Water can seep through the walls during monsoon, rendering your home unlivable. Waterproofing your home ahead of time is crucial to avoid damage from heavy rains. 

The exterior parts of your house suffer the most during rainy and stormy seasons, and painting is an excellent way to waterproof your home for monsoon weather. You can paint interior and exterior walls with water-sealing paint. 

A fresh coat of paints before the onset of the monsoon weather can protect your cement or concrete walls from leaking. Additionally, repair any cracks on the wall, ensuring that not even a tiny drop of water damages your walls. 

Cleaning the drains is another way to waterproof your house, and it ensures that flash floods can flow effortlessly by unblocking the drains. 

Upgrade your doors and windows

The ultimate goal during the monsoon weather is to keep water outdoors and your house warm. One of the most excellent ways to protect your house interiors from outside elements is to fix the doors and windows. Repairing broken windows and doors is essential, making it easier to open and close them. Additionally, checking and replacing your window and door seals is crucial to avoid water damage. Use weatherstripping, caulk, or foam tape to seal your windows. You can paint your doors and windows to protect them from water damage. Proper ventilation during such seasons is vital to eliminate odors.

Repair your roof

Excessive downpours can deepen any tiny crack in your roof, damaging it beyond repair. The best time to inspect and fix your roof is before the monsoon weather kicks in. You can check your ceiling for telltale signs of room damage and assess the situation. Alternatively, you can consult a professional roofer to help you inspect and repair your roof early. 

Trim overgrown trees

Another way to prepare for Monsoon weather in Glendale is to complete a landscaping project. Overgrown trees and plants around your house can cause massive damage during a storm. Trim overhanging branches, secure your potted plants and remove debris in the yard. Strong winds can knock down old trees, damaging your vehicles and house. 

Clean up the yard

The monsoon weather in Glendale is synonymous with downbursts and damaging winds. With wind gusts exceeding 100 mph, you don’t want to deal with flying yard debris. According to the National Weather Service, the winds can wreak havoc like tornadoes. Clean up trash in the yard before the onset of the monsoon weather. Glendale Waste Services can provide you with a container for yard waste, making the job easier and faster.

Preparing for monsoon weather in Glendale can be a lot of work, especially if you’re renovating and removing junk. Contact us because we’re here to help you.

4 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster in Scottsdale

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Renting a dumpster is a popular and cost-effective waste management option for businesses, homeowners, and contractors. It is a useful tool when you have extensive garbage to dispose of. For many people, renting a dumpster is a reliable option when tackling significant residential projects once in a blue moon. You don’t have to pile junk and wait for a waste collection. This option can be expensive, and the municipal might not accept most remodeling and construction waste. You can rent a dumpster only from licensed Scottsdale company and work with professional waste specialists, simplifying your waste disposal. Below are four excellent reasons to rent a dumpster in Scottsdale. Dumpsters are valuable, particularly when you’ve got a significant residential demo, cleanout, or construction project. 

Reasons to rent a dumpster in Scottsdale.

Anyone can rent a dumpster, whether a homeowner or a contractor. Remember, it is crucial to understand the acceptable waste you can toss in your rental.

Interior home remodeling

If you’re a homeowner thinking about upgrading your home, this is one of the biggest reasons to rent a dumpster. Home remodelings, big or small, often require dumpsters to eliminate the trash. Do you want to redo your bathroom, kitchen, attic, or basement? DIY remodeling is the best way to take charge of your space renovation. Renting a dumpster for DIY or professional home renovations is the best way to throw away the waste you generate. Your Scottsdale dumpster rental can remove the debris on the go, ensuring you have a neat space to renovate. 

For minor bathroom and kitchen renovation projects, you can rent a 15 or 20-cubic yard dumpster. Major room additions, garage renovations, roofing, patio, or complete home remodeling jobs need more spacious containers. And Team Clean and Haul are ready to provide 30 and 40-cubic yard dumpsters for large-scale residential projects. You can discard home remodeling trash, including countertops, old cabinets, furniture, shingles, siding, tiles, carpeting, concrete, drywall, plaster, plumbing fixtures, bricks, roof coverings, and wood.

Residential home and estate cleanout – one of the great reasons to rent a dumpster in Scottsdale

Is it time for the annual spring or summer home cleaning? Significant home cleanout endeavors are other reasons to rent a dumpster in Scottsdale. You might want to clean your home for various other reasons like moving, downsizing, or staging your property for sale. Whatever your goal, one thing is certain; property cleanouts produce colossal junk. 

Using a roll-off container to remove household junk can reduce your cleaning time by half. The ideal container can hold tons of waste if you’ve got several obsolete appliances, furniture, cookware, holiday decorations, old cabinets, vanity, or fixtures. 

Landscaping projects

Working on or planning for a landscaping project in Scottsdale? Yard beautification can produce heaps of green waste, which can’t fit in a curbside trash bin. You don’t want to be stuck with yard debris piled up on a chunk section of your property. If you wish to tackle the yard clean-up job yourself or hire a landscaper, landscaping is one of the reasons to get a dumpster. A dumpster is a perfect match for dirt, tree branches, stumps, bushes, leaves, grass, dead plants, and rocks. 

Construction and demolition

Another reason to hire a dumpster in Scottsdale is to take construction and demolition waste. Improving construction site safety is a priority; the easiest way is to put the debris in a dumpster. Roll-off dumpsters eliminate tripping hazards on a site and ensure that your project adheres to the local and federal guidelines. 

Team Clean and Haul supplies construction dumpsters of various sizes, accommodating big and small cleanouts. Whether building a residential shed or working on a new building, you can rent a dumpster size that fits the job.