Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Phoenix

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Do you need a dumpster in Phoenix but are torn on which size to order? Picking a dumpster size can be tricky, especially if it is your first time and many options exist. The roll-off container size is in cubic yards, indicating the amount of waste it can accommodate. For example, a 40-cubic yard dumpster holds up to forty cubic yards of debris, and anything above this volume is in excess and might cost you. Knowing the various dumpster sizes, weights/volume limits, and dimensions can help you rent the right dumpster size. At Team Clean and Haul, we make it seamless to choose the ideal dumpster for residential, commercial, or construction projects. This article is a comprehensive guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix.

How Do I Figure Out the Size Dumpster I Need?

Figuring out the perfect dumpster size for your job site revolves around the size of your debris, material type, and the available placement area. The project scope can help estimate how much waste you’ll produce. For instance, a 15-cubic yard bin is ideal if working on a single-room renovation, landscaping, or bathroom demolition. Bigger roll-off dumpsters are best when tackling extensive construction or decluttering projects. 

The waste material type can also help determine the correct size container for your project. Some debris can be light, while others are heavy, so you need to get a dumpster fit for specific material types to avoid overfilling or overloading it. Team Clean and Haul provide dumpsters for dense construction and demolition material and lighter house junk and landscaping waste. 

Lastly, the placement area on your work site can also dictate the dumpster size you need. Create a space at least 60 feet long, eleven feet wide, and free from obstacles to place the roll-off container. If you don’t have enough placement area, you might want to look into other options, such as using the public street with HOAs and the local authority’s permission. 

Your Essential Guide to Dumpster Sizes in Phoenix

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to dumpster sizes in Phoenix, look no further than Team Clean and Haul. We offer containers in four various sizes. Our dumpsters work best for residential cleanout jobs, renovations, roofing, landscaping, construction, and demolition jobs. Whatever container size you need, big or small, for your Phoenix home project, you can trust us.

40-Yard Dumpster

This is the biggest roll-off container we supply, measuring 14’ by 8’ by 5.5’. It can hold up to 12k lbs of debris, equal to six to eight tons of construction garbage. It is the best container to rent for big projects like a new construction job, commercial roof replacement, complete home remodeling, commercial office cleanout, or large demolition waste disposal. 

30-Yard Dumpster

The second-biggest dumpster container that we offer is the 30-yard dumpster. It measures 22’L, 8’W, and 6’H! This dumpster size can haul over eight thousand pounds of debris or four to five tons of trash. What can fit in a 30-YD dumpster? This container size is an excellent solution for garage demo waste, new home construction waste, home addition, or siding projects. 

20-Yard Dumpster

The medium-size dumpster you can get in Phoenix is the 20-cubic yards container. This roll-off bin is 22’long, 8’ high and 4’ wide and can take over 6k lbs of debris. What can fit in this 20-cubic yarder? It is a handy tool that can take over 2,500 sq feet of roofing waste, deck debris, carpet removal, garage, attic, and basement cleanout junk.

15-Yard Dumpster

Lastly, we have the smallest dumpster for rent measuring 14’long, 8’ high, and 5.5’ wide. It is the ideal solution you need to tackle heavy construction debris. This roll-away bin can take up to 15 cubic yards of waste and is perfect for renovations, yard work, roofing, and demolition jobs.