Scottsdale Garage Organizing Tips

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How can you organize your garage? Do you want to create more garage space for your vehicles? You put thousands of dollars into buying your car; leaving it at the mercy of the scorching sun isn’t fair. Garage organizing is a surefire way to keep it clutter-free and maintain a space for your vehicle. However, organizing a garage doesn’t come easy. It takes hours, if not days, money and energy to clean out garage junk and organize it into a breathable space. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable. You can declutter, clean, and organize your garage to your liking. Furthermore, organizing your garage can help create space you can use for other activities like knotting, woodworking, a craft room, or a little home office. Read more on our top garage organizing tips!

Top Garage Organizing Tips:

How To Organize A Garage Quickly? 

Are you in Scottsdale and need to declutter and organize your garage quickly? You’re in the right place! Cleaning and organizing a garage can be easier when you know where to start and how to accomplish your goals. Many things go on in a garage, including using it as a workshop and storage. And this means you might have many things to do in that room. 

Start with A Plan and Budget

Your garage is messy. Where do you start? Planning is the first step, and you need to create reliable cleaning and organization solutions. You’ll need a place to discard all unwanted junk, cleaning supplies, remodeling materials, and essentials to organize your garage. Take an inventory of everything in the garage; this will help you understand the number of items to deal with. It can also help in planning for the right junk dumpster. 

Additionally, you need to create a budget. This is crucial, especially if dealing with years’ worth of clutter in the garage. Home Advisor averages the cost of organizing a garage to be $1,390—materials and project scope can influence your garage organization budget.  

Declutter and Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Once you have a plan, it is important to purge and dispose of unwanted items. More often than not, a considerable percentage of stuff in the garage is useless. There can be too much stuff to eliminate, from old patio furniture, tires, sporting equipment, and toys to broken tools and appliances. Clear the clutter on the floor and give it a nice sweep, getting rid of nails and other small items. 

A junk dumpster makes it simple to eliminate garage trash, and team Clean and Haul can organize and bring one for you. Plus, we handle garage junk hauling in Scottsdale, so you can be confident of having a reliable team to collect the debris. 

Repair and Update the Garage

It is wise to fix cracked walls, floors, and leaky roofs before putting items back into the garage. Check the garage door and repair it if it’s beaten up. This can help you curb damages and eliminate mold and mild dew. Additionally, upgrading your garage helps create a foundation for new finishes and aesthetics. Painting is easier and comes out smooth when there are no cracks. 

Finish Cleaning and Put Items in Storage

You can spin your chaotic garage into the tidiest part of your home. Proper storage is crucial if you want to maintain the garage, ensuring it is clutter-free. Divide the storage space into sections like a department store. Creating zones makes it easier to locate stuff when you need it. Capitalize on shelves, bins, cabinets, and peg boards. Don’t forget to label your containers and boxes, so you don’t have to flip everything when you need something and create a mess. Use as much vertical and wall space for storage as possible to create breathable floor space.