Tempe Dumpster Rental

Rent a Dumpster in Tempe, AZ

Whether you’re a resident looking to clean your house or a contractor working on a project, Team Clean and Haul is your best choice for a dumpster rental in Tempe. Family-owned and operated, Team Clean offers the best customer service and most competitive pricing in Tempe. With professionals that understand your needs and can get you the dumpster rental you need, we’ll take care of you from the initial inquiry to the final pick up of the dumpster.

Best Tempe Dumpster Rental Company

Team Clean and Haul are consistently rated as having the best customer service for your Tempe dumpster rentals.

With the largest variety of dumpster sizes in Tempe, we’re sure to have what you need for your project, however big or small.

We have a large inventory of bins and can offer competitive pricing and same- or next-day rentals. If you are ready to complete your residential or commercial project, contact Team Clean and Haul today, Tempe’s best dumpster rental company!

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Best in Class Customer Service

At Team Clean & Haul, we understand that you need more than just a dumpster. We can help you assess what dumpster size you need, walk you through the order, delivery, and pick-up process, and clearly explain pricing to you so there are no surprises.

Working with a local, family-owned business also ensures your requests are answered. Need a specific delivery or pick-up window to accommodate your work schedule? We can do that! Need to extend your rental period? Just give us a call, and we’ll work with you. Have a specific place on your property where you want the dumpster delivered? We listen!

At Team Clean, we believe that just because we work in a dirty job industry doesn’t mean you have to get sloppy customer service. See why our customers trust Team Clean & Haul for all their dumpster rental and junk removal needs.

If you are a homeowner in Tempe, AZ, and need a yard dumpster, you’ve come to the right Tempe dumpster rental. We supply dumpsters for individuals cleaning up the yard and landscaping companies with projects here.

Team Clean and Haul is a locally available roll-off dumpster rental focusing on the needs of local businesses and residential homeowners. 

We’ve consistently earned our spot as the premier company for residential and commercial dumpsters. 

Whether you already have piles of yard debris sitting on your property or planning to do fresh landscaping, there’s no residential job that’s too big or small for us. Pick a unit or several from our four different dumpster sizes.

The right yard dumpster size depends on the size of the yard space and the material type to throw away. Our sales crew has the knowledge and decades of combined experience to help you make the best choice. 

Hassle-Free Construction Dumpster Rental in Tempe

Construction and demolition site managers utilize roll-off dumpsters to take debris to the right place. We’re proud to be the #1 preferred Tempe dumpster rental for a swift supply of construction dumpsters. All our dumpster sizes are perfect for construction jobs; the only difference is the size. If you have heavy construction trash like bricks, concrete, and roofing debris, you can request a 15 or 20-cubic yard container. 

We understand that contractors need waste management services often; Team Clean and Haul go the extra mile to create a lasting relationship with our customers. Don’t worry about construction dumpsters anymore; use our hassle-free rental process to book online.

Best Pricing for Tempe Dumpster Rental, AZ

We offer flat rates on all our dumpsters, and you can be confident of getting the best estimate in Tempe, AZ. We don’t impose extra charges, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. If you’re curious to know the price of renting roll-off dumpsters in Tempe, we’re happy to provide a free estimate. Contact Team Clean and Haul today.

Dumpster Don’ts for Tempe Dumpster Rental

Do you know how to use a roll-off dumpster and what to put in it? Of course, a roll-off dumpster is user-friendly, and anyone can drop in junk without stress. However, there are a few stuff you should never do when using roll-off dumpsters. 

Don’t put hazardous debris into the receptacle. Hazardous waste can be highly flammable, explosive, reactive, or emit poisonous gasses. Toxic material can ignite fires and jeopardize your safety, the dumpster drivers, the transfer and sorting station team, and even other road users. There are proper channels to dump toxic junk, and you can find out through the local authority or call Team Clean and Haul.

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Don’t move your Tempe Dumpster Rental. Here is the thing, a roll-off dumpster rental is super heavy because it is made from reinforced steel. Only a qualified driver can retrieve and move a dumpster using the right equipment. Once we drop off the dumpster, it should stay in that position until we pick it up. 

Don’t park a dumpster in a public space without a permit. If your job site is too small to accommodate your roll-off dumpster rental, you need to look into getting a dumpster rental permit. You need a dumpster permit to put a dumpster in spaces like the street, and it can take about one or two weeks to process. Inconveniencing other road users without proper permits can land you in big trouble with the authorities.

How to Save Money Renting a Dumpster

Renting a roll-off container is an excellent way to keep costs down when disposing of garbage. You can take the extra mile if you want to balloon your savings. First, get the correct dumpster size to avoid paying double for a second dumpster when needed. The right bin size also is perfect for ensuring you’re conscious of the weight limit. 

Another way to lower waste disposal costs is to rent a local Tempe dumpster. Whether working on a construction job in Tempe, Az, or a DIY home renovation project, renting a local Tempe dumpster rental gives you a competitive advantage. First, you can reach out to us and get served quickly. Secondly, same or next-day Tempe dumpster rental service can be an option for you. This means if you contact Team Clean and Haul at the earliest time, we can drop off the container wherever you are in Tempe. Our customer-oriented drivers work extra hard to ensure you get the construction dumpster when needed.

Plan your waste disposal project. As the proverbial early bird catches the worm, the earlier you schedule your dumpster, the better your chances of getting a discounted one. Getting a hold of one unit during peak season can be quite tricky. We highly recommend you plan on renting a dumpster at least a week or two before commencing your project. 

Hassle-Free Tempe Dumpster Rental

Are you looking for an online dumpster rental in Tempe? Team Clean and Haul take the trophy in automating and streamlining waste collection for our Tempe customers. Your zip code, project scope, and schedule are enough for us to personalize a flat-rate dumpster quote for you. 

Must you be on the site to receive or see off the dumpster? No! Team Clean and Haul can use specific instructions to deliver or pick up the container. Whether on-site or away, you can be confident that an experienced and dependable team has your back.

What dumpster size are you planning to rent in Tempe? At Team Clean and Haul, we have multiple options for you. Our dumpsters for rent range from fifteen to forty cubic yards. Enjoy fair dumpster rates for the Tempe area.