Preparing for Monsoon Weather in Glendale

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Glendale’s monsoon season is here, so it is time to prepare for the rain. While this mother nature is a relief from the unforgiving summer heat, severe storms can be a nightmare. With winds moving at over 80 mph, monsoon weather can damage your property, bring down trees and make roads impassable.  Preparing for monsoon weather in Glendale can help you thwart potential property damage and accidents. This article is a checklist of how you can be monsoon weather-ready.

How to prepare for monsoon weather in Glendale?

The 2022 monsoon weather prediction shows you can expect an active wet weather season. Technically, you’ll see normal weather changes, with some months experiencing more rain. Below are the best ways to prepare for this kind of weather.

Waterproof your home

Dealing with wind storms and flash floods can be depressing, and sadly that’s out of your control. But, you can take charge of your home by waterproofing it. Water can seep through the walls during monsoon, rendering your home unlivable. Waterproofing your home ahead of time is crucial to avoid damage from heavy rains. 

The exterior parts of your house suffer the most during rainy and stormy seasons, and painting is an excellent way to waterproof your home for monsoon weather. You can paint interior and exterior walls with water-sealing paint. 

A fresh coat of paints before the onset of the monsoon weather can protect your cement or concrete walls from leaking. Additionally, repair any cracks on the wall, ensuring that not even a tiny drop of water damages your walls. 

Cleaning the drains is another way to waterproof your house, and it ensures that flash floods can flow effortlessly by unblocking the drains. 

Upgrade your doors and windows

The ultimate goal during the monsoon weather is to keep water outdoors and your house warm. One of the most excellent ways to protect your house interiors from outside elements is to fix the doors and windows. Repairing broken windows and doors is essential, making it easier to open and close them. Additionally, checking and replacing your window and door seals is crucial to avoid water damage. Use weatherstripping, caulk, or foam tape to seal your windows. You can paint your doors and windows to protect them from water damage. Proper ventilation during such seasons is vital to eliminate odors.

Repair your roof

Excessive downpours can deepen any tiny crack in your roof, damaging it beyond repair. The best time to inspect and fix your roof is before the monsoon weather kicks in. You can check your ceiling for telltale signs of room damage and assess the situation. Alternatively, you can consult a professional roofer to help you inspect and repair your roof early. 

Trim overgrown trees

Another way to prepare for Monsoon weather in Glendale is to complete a landscaping project. Overgrown trees and plants around your house can cause massive damage during a storm. Trim overhanging branches, secure your potted plants and remove debris in the yard. Strong winds can knock down old trees, damaging your vehicles and house. 

Clean up the yard

The monsoon weather in Glendale is synonymous with downbursts and damaging winds. With wind gusts exceeding 100 mph, you don’t want to deal with flying yard debris. According to the National Weather Service, the winds can wreak havoc like tornadoes. Clean up trash in the yard before the onset of the monsoon weather. Glendale Waste Services can provide you with a container for yard waste, making the job easier and faster.

Preparing for monsoon weather in Glendale can be a lot of work, especially if you’re renovating and removing junk. Contact us because we’re here to help you.