Guide to Dumpster Overage Fees in Phoenix

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Have you ever dealt with hidden, extra, or overage fees? Surprise dumpster charges can leave a sour taste in your mouth and a terrible rental experience. Additional dumpster fees on top of your initial rate can balloon the overall costs and crimp your budget.

The sad part is that some dumpster rentals don’t give detailed information about extra costs. Often dumpster overage fees apply when you fill beyond the limit, dump toxic stuff into the container, extending the rental, or breach any contract.

Don’t fret, though; this guide to dumpster overage fees can help you understand more about extra costs and things to do to avoid them.

What are dumpster overage fees, and how do they affect your rental cost?

Dumpster overage fees or charge refers to the amount of money you may need to pay on top of the agreed-upon dumpster cost. Often this is not something you get on the invoice unless you use the dumpster against the company’s policy. Importantly, you can avoid extra costs 100%.

Ensure you’ve got all the right information about dumpster rental before scheduling one. At Team Clean and Haul, experts stand by to offer the best service. Whether you need help with the size or customizing a schedule, consulting a professional can eliminate extra fees. Below are typical hidden or additional charges you can get when renting a dumpster in Phoenix.

guide to dumpster overage fees in Phoenix

Overloading fee

You’ve got a dumpster on the driveway or construction site waiting for you to load it. Yay! You can now discard all the household knickknacks, construction rubble, and yard debris. Let me burst your bubble; dumpsters have a weight limit, and putting too much garbage can lead to overloading.

Haulers may charge additional fees to cover the disposal costs of the excess debris. Renting an accurate dumpster size can help you avoid such expensive mistakes. If dumpster sizes are new to you, you can trust our customer support to help you pick the right dumpster. Often, we consider the job size and the type of trash you need to discard when choosing a rental for you.

Dumpster rental extension fee

When you rent a dumpster in Phoenix, you can use it on-site for a set period. Your hauler expects you to fill the container with all the construction or residential trash within that rental time. If you keep the container beyond the rental period, you might have to pay a rental extension fee.

The dumpster rental extension fee allows waste companies to provide services after your schedule elapses. If you need to extend your rental, it is best to consult your provider. You’ll get a pro-rated per-day fee for the extension period.

Trip fee

Also known as dry run fees, a trip fee applies when your rental company comes to the site but cannot place or pick up the dumpster. This can happen due to many reasons. First, if you don’t have enough space to put the dumpster, it can be tricky for your hauler to roll off it.

A dumpster rental company can also charge a trip fee if you overfill the dumpster. It can be risky to haul a dumpster with junk sticking out of it.

Furthermore, a clean-out fee may apply if your hauler needs to remove frozen junk in the dumpster or reduce the load. It is important to be dumpster-ready before you contact your hauler. Create enough parking space for the roll-off container and don’t exceed the fill limit.

Fuel surcharges

A fuel surcharge is an additional cost on top of the base service fee, and this fee is to cushion a hauler from the ever-changing fuel prices. With gas prices surging, this is a common fee you might find among many roll-off rental companies..

Avoid Surprise Dumpster Overage Fees with Team Clean and Haul

Thankfully, Team Clean and Haul are transparent with pricing, and we strive to help you understand dumpster overage fees so you can avoid them in the first place.